replica Cartier juste un clou bracelet real gold

Cartier Art Design presents a modern approach to classics

The exhibition is located in Garage Sanremo, Fosse Ardeatine, in the historical and cultural center of Milan. Desi Santiago, Puerto Rico’s visual artist based in New York City, creates a stylish garage with a combination of shape and internal machinery, which transforms Cartier jewelry replica into a jewel of everyday hardware. Pierre products design philosophy. Santiago is famous for its rich stage design and creativity, and is good at bringing social and cultural trends to the fantastic nightlife and unique fashion world.

This is a “normal” and “precious” collision, is also a traditional mechanical engineering and jewelry design and technology dialogue: Cartier love bracelet replica boys dressed in dresses in a dazzling golden garage, the kit displays Fake Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet and écrou de Cartier series of new jewelry, all kinds of hardware tools scattered around. A golden sports car suspended in the air, liquid metal pouring down from the body, scattered in the ground spread.

Cartier nail bracelet replicaWhen everyday objects are endowed with ornamental meaning, when nails and nuts are designed as jewelry works, ordinary things also show precious essence. Only the imagination of jewelry designers, to be aware of these hidden charm, nails and octagonal nuts for inspiration, to create sophisticated geometric design. Cartier 18k gold love bracelet replica also invited young artist and photographer Cerise Doucède to set out the precious charm of these ordinary objects in a series of visual works of art.

Cerise has made a big hit at the Rencontres d’Arle Photography Festival and later toured the Brussels Festival, Sao Paulo, Milan and Tokyo. Her unique style of fixed photography, as if the time will freeze, all things in the works floating in the air, constitute the reverie of beauty. This time, Cerise combines a Fake Cartier bracelet with her photographic style with a unique perspective. Thousands of nails and nuts, anchored by transparent strings, suspended in the sky, condensed into the Juste un Clou and écrou de Cartier bracelets, infinitely magnified the artistic value of small parts, and also demonstrated Cartier’s inspiration from life to create jewelry The original design.

In the 1970s, designer Aldo Cipullo specially designed the first “nail” bracelet for New York City in Cartier to break the traditional nails shape and turn the metal parts into jewelery pieces, giving them the vitality and chic style of fashion, Popular style echoes. 2017, the new Cartier Juste un Clou ring replica series of K gold collar and oversized bracelets, once again demonstrated the simplicity of uninhibited unique temperament, unforgettable extraordinary creativity.

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